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Getting Started

  • Introduction to ClearPoint
  • Navigate the system
  • Manage profile
  • Getting Started Videos

Build your strategic plan in ClearPoint

  • Structure your account
  • Add your objectives
  • Create strategy maps
  • Align your strategy

Track your performance measures

  • Add your measures
  • Manage your data
  • Chart and visualize your data

Manage your projects

  • Track initiatives and milestones
  • Project Evaluations

Report your results

  • Build summary reports
  • Set up scorecard landing pages/dashboards
  • Share your results

Share with the ClearPoint Community

  • Benchmark with your peers
  • Community Dashboards

Administer your account

  • Manage reporting periods and frequencies
  • Manage users
  • Customize your account
  • Account rollover
  • Enterprise features

Training Videos

  • User Permission Videos
  • CPS Summit 2019
  • CPS Summit 2018
  • CPS Summit 2017

Care Packages

ClearPoint "Care Packages" bundle up all the resources you need to be an expert on different ClearPoint features. From account rollover, to tagging, to project evaluations and ClearPoint Sync, we have you covered.