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Adding a custom Gantt chart summary report

This article will show you how to add a Gantt chart summary report in ClearPoint. These are helpful and commonly used bar chart reports that provide a visual timeline for tracking projects.

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Adding a new Gantt chart report

Open the Initiatives menu from the top navigation and click on Manage Initiative Reports.

Click the plus icon to add a new summary report.

Name the report. Choose Gantt Chart as the Report Type. Check Hide milestones if you do not want to display initiatives’ milestones on this report.

Set a start and end date to customize the timeline displayed in the chart, which will also narrow down the initiatives included in your Gantt chart. You can leave these fields blank if you want to see the entire timeline of all initiatives included in the report.

You can adjust the left column width to better see the initiative and milestone names by setting a pixel size (typically around 300px), or you can leave it blank and adjust the column width by dragging the column left or right on the report itself.

For Access Type, reports set to Global can be seen by all users with access to the scorecard, Private can only be seen by the creator of the report, and Restricted can only be seen by specified user groups. You can customize the look of the table style by assigning a custom Table Style to the report. For more information on how to set this up, take a look at this help article. Finally, check the box to Hide page title on exported reports to remove the name of the report from the PDF export.

‘Initiatives’ tab – Determining the initiatives to include in the report

Click into the Initiatives tab. Check the box next to the scorecards you would like to include initiatives from. To include only specific initiatives from the scorecard, select Click to select specific elements. Check the boxes next to the specific initiatives to include in the report. Click Save.

‘Filter’ tab – Setting criteria to narrow down initiatives included

If you would like to further narrow down the initiatives included in the summary report, you can add a filter. Click into the Filter tab. Click the plus icon to add filter criteria. For an initiative summary report you can filter on Initiatives or milestones.

There are many different ways you could filter this report – for example, you might set up a filter that only displays initiatives with a status indicator of ‘Below Plan’. Check out this help article on filters to explore more options and read more about how to set them up.

‘Element Order’ tab – Customizing the order in which the initiatives appear

The Gantt chart summary report automatically sorts the initiatives in chronological order based on start date. However, if you would like to change this, you can follow these steps to customize the order.

Click into the Element Order tab. Check the box next to Use Custom Element Sort Order.

Drag and drop, or use the blue up and down arrows, to customize the order that the initiatives will appear in the report.