Bulk Change Scripts Care Package | ClearPoint Strategy

Bulk Change Scripts Care Package

Users can easily set filters to make mass changes in their ClearPoint account with Bulk Change Scripts.

What is it?

Bulk Changes Scripts allow admins to make mass changes throughout their account. By selecting and filtering for a certain set of criteria, admins have the ability to add calculated series to 40 different measures, edit every single objective to have a new owner, or add a status to every initiative with a completed date before today – just to name a few examples. Similar to Custom Scripting within ClearPoint, the Bulk Changes Script has a user-friendly interface to make it easy for users to set their filters and specify the changes they’d like to see.

Why does it matter?

Annual rollovers and slight changes to strategic plans should not be processes that come with cumbersome tasks by the team trying to make changes to their ClearPoint account. With Bulk Changes Scripts, all users (regardless of experience level with scripts or code!) can make repeatable changes across the account easily and quickly. Rollovers and strategic plan changes can focus, once again, on being an exciting and hopeful time as teams dream of all the strategic success they’ll achieve.

How does it work?

Admins in Enterprise accounts have access to this feature in System Settings. To begin, you simply name the script, select the element, and pick an action. You can add, edit, update, and delete objectives, measures, initiatives, milestones, action items, risks, series, and charts.

Once the action and object are specified, filters can be applied to narrow the list down to only those objects that need to be changed. Tags can also be used to group and filter on all elements.

The fields to be changed and the new values are specified, and from there the script can easily be run once or over and over again!

Custom Scripting, formerly known as Template Scripting, is a more advanced way to create multiple step scripts that can create, then reuse objects all in a single script.