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Bulk Changes

Bulk Changes allow you to make widespread changes throughout your account to a variety of elements in ClearPoint. Bulk Changes are ideal for applying standardization to your account and for greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to complete simple, but repetitive tasks.

Feature available for Enterprise Plan customers

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Setting up a Bulk Change Script is very easy. Only admins can create and run Bulk Change Scripts. Since Bulk Changes can change many things in your account very quickly, and may be difficult to undo, we strongly recommend reaching out to your account manager before running any scripts. We’ll first walk through creating a Bulk Changes Script, which can then be used once or multiple times to make sweeping changes across your account.

Creating a Bulk Changes Script

Open System Settings in the control panel and click on Admin Options.

Under the Enterprise Features header, click on Bulk Changes & Scripting.

Bulk Changes can make changes to Scorecards, Objectives, Measure, Initiatives, Action Items, Risks, Series, and Charts. These changes, depending on the element, can be additions, deletions, edits, or updates. In this example, we will create and then run a script that updates the owner of all objectives throughout the account that have the same name.

Click on the plus icon to add a new Bulk Change Script. Give the Bulk Change Script a name and description. Under Element Type, select an element to change. Under Action, select Add, Edit, Delete, or Update.


The next step is to add a filter so we can select a subset of objectives to change. We can filter for objectives that share a similar characteristic. Click on the Filter tab, then click on Add Filter. In the Edit Filter window, select an Element and Field. Select a Comparison and add a Value. In this example, we are filter for Objectives named “Profitability.” Click Preview Filter so you know exactly which elements you will be changing. If the result is not what you’re looking for, consider refining your filter or adding additional filters.


Note: Learn more about Tags to filter for elements that may not initially share a similar characteristic.

Now that we have the exact objectives we want to change, we can now identify the value we want to change and input the change. To do this, click on the Changes tab. Under Select Fields to Change, choose a field to change from the dropdown menu. You can select multiple fields to change at the same time. In the example, we are changing the Owner field. The field will appear below and you can select a value.

Click into the Preview tab to preview all your changes to all the selected elements. When you are finished, click Save.

Running a Bulk Changes Script

It is very easy to run a Bulk Changes Script. Click the generate icon and preview your script one last time. When everything looks good, click Run.

On this report we can see the owner for all these objectives have been updated.


Note: Bulk changes has a limit of 2,500 changes per template.