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ClearPoint 11.0 Release Notes (September 2017)

Curious about what’s new in ClearPoint?  You’ve come to the right place.  Learn about all the new features and functionality that have been added to ClearPoint over the past couple months.  Want to learn more? Email us, at [email protected].  Happy Reporting!

Measure Library

Municipalities can now share measures with one another using the ClearPoint Measures Library. Some of the awesome features include:

  • Link to Multiple Measures: You can link your measure to multiple measures in the measure library, which allows you to see data from multiple organizations in one place.
  • View Contributing Organization Information: The contributing organization page is now displayed in a grid format. This allows users to better see how they compare to peers in areas such as population, demographics, etc.
  • Set Notifications: Receive alerts about new additions or updates to the Measure Library.
  • New ICMA Measures: 80 measures formulated by ICMA’s Performance Management Advisory Committee are populated with the most recent benchmarking data available to link to your account.


We are always looking for ways to improve navigation around your ClearPoint account.  The less time you focus on entering data, the more you can spend on executing strategy!

  • Multiple Edits: Users can now edit multiple items on a detail page without needing to hit the save button each time.
  • Consistent Save button: No matter where you are in ClearPoint, you now have a consistent save button across the top of the page. It will be a constant reminder that you have data that has been edited and not saved.

  • Document Management: Briefing Book, HTML Report, and template pages can be quickly accessed with toggle buttons in the upper right.
  • Easier User Access Controls: User access can now be controlled on a by-scorecard basis within Manage Scorecards.
  • Fiscal Years: Fiscal years now have their own tab under Reporting Periods in System Settings for easier access.

Summary Grid Layouts

ClearPoint 11 introduces many new ways to customize summary grid layouts. From resizing the column widths to making a default page row count across your account, the opportunities are limitless. 

  • Resizing Summary Grid Column Width: On grid- style summary reports, users can resize column widths by dragging column headers.
  • Set Minimum Column Width: To avoid scrunched data, minimum widths in pixels can also be defined.

  • AND/OR Filtering: In the past, summary grid layouts could only filter on AND criteria. Now, filters can be created with OR criteria.
  • Dynamic Date Filtering: Date fields, such as Start Date, can be filtered to only show things with “N” days of the current period.
  • Quick Sorting: Additional columns on grid layouts can now be used for sorting.
  • Default Page Row Count: Organizations can now set a default row count for display on all summary reports.

  • Hide Repeated Values: Repeated values can now be hidden the same way that other update fields are hidden.
  • Chart Padding and Margins: Charts now appear larger on grid layouts thanks to decreased padding and margins.

Recycle Bin and Revision History

The Recycle Bin and Revision History options have become more advanced. The ‘Undelete’ function from the Recycle Bin and the new ‘Undo’ capability in Revision History are helpful tools to avoid costly mistakes. 

  • Recycle Bin: Accounts now have a recycle bin where everything that has been deleted remains for 30 days. If you delete something, you now have a month to change your mind and restore what was deleted.
  • Revision History: The log more accurately captures all activities. The “Undo” functionality is also more robust for any changes that need to be undone.

Strategy Maps

ClearPoint 11 makes it much easier to format Strategy Maps. Use the arrows to move the elements by pixel for more precise arrangement, or try out the new alignment feature. 

  • Icon Alignment: Users can now align items and multiple select items to make improvements to their strategy maps.
  • Single Pixel Icon Movement: Icons on the map can now be moved by single pixel increments to make the map building process easier.
  • Navigation: The navigation within strategy maps has been made more consistent with the rest of the application.


More advanced Measure features have been added. There are new ways to analyze data from your account, including the Aggregate Status option, where you can monitor the status of all your elements. 

  • SQL Functions: SQL functions can now be easily inserted into calculations, similar to previous math operators.
  • Static Evaluations: Series evaluation comparisons can now be hard coded against static values.
  • Count Status Indicators: Aggregate series now include the option to count the number of elements with a particular status.
  • Inline Series Editing: Instead of having to use a dropdown, edit series directly by clicking on the series header.


Heavy improvements have been made to Charting in ClearPoint 11. Check out the new ‘Custom JSON Format’ tab, where you can browse Custom Charts and add them to your account!

  • Chart Format: Charts can now be exported to simply create custom charts that apply across your entire account.
  • Increased Chart Functionality: More Highcharts customizations can be applied to charts in your account. This means more chart options and flexibility in creating the perfect chart.

Gantt Charts

Updates throughout ClearPoint now make it much easier and standardized to make edits to Initiative Gantt Charts. 

  • Gantt Chart Improvements: Allows users to more easily and consistently make changes to the Gantt Chart.

Briefing Books

You asked and we listened. We implemented repeating headers throughout Briefing Books, so now your Summary Reports will be clear and concise. 

  • Repeating Headers: Column headers repeat on subsequent pages of summary reports.

Alerts, Reminders, and Notifications

ClearPoint 11 introduces a much more robust system for Alerts, Reminders, and Notifications, so you can stay on top of changes and communicate with ease.

  • Alert Inbox: Now there is a new inbox for alerts. Everything that shows up in the alert bell will be in a consistent place for you to download, view the email, manage or delete.
  • Notification Templates: The templates to create notifications are more flexible and written in sentence structure to allow you the ability to easily create more complex and comprehensive notifications.
  • Reminders: Email Reminders now allow for duplication and easier management.
  • Notification Options: Individuals can now manage all of their notification preferences under “My Profile,” which will allow them to customize how they receive email messages.
  • Notification Noise Control: The noise generated by an incoming notification can be disabled.

Behind the Scenes

In addition to fixing hundreds of bugs and implementing countless enhancements in response to client feedback, our development team made some notable improvements that make for a better ClearPoint experience.

  • Amazon Web Services: ClearPoint has been migrated to AWS to allow greater flexibility in scaling the application to meet our current growth needs. This will allow ClearPoint to be faster in the future and current clients should not experience any degradation in speed.
  • Code Optimization: Much of the code in ClearPoint has been rewritten to improve performance, ensure complex nested calculations are accurate, and allow for more consistent access to the most updated data in the application.

Deprecated Features

  • Upload Files Library: This section, under Documents, will be removed in a future version of ClearPoint. ClearPoint upload functionality no longer relies on the library.