February 2019 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

February 2019 Product Updates

A quick update on our latest fixes and enhancements to ClearPoint 12.0.

Assign By Scorecard Access to Entire Scorecards—Have users who need different types of access to full scorecards? Now you can create a user access rule to assign a permission level to users for whole scorecards. For example, you can give one user Updater access to one scorecard and Editor access to another, without having to specify access to each element in either scorecard.

Categories Update Faster—Using the Categories field in ClearPoint to organize your strategy? You can now update category name and description and delete categories even quicker, with no need to refresh your page.

More Consistency around Data Type—Now you’ll see your selected data type respected in calculated fields and gauge charts, so you can display your percentages, currency values, and more with ease.

Great Gauges—From accurate status displays to fully functioning axis minimums and maximums, we’ve stepped up our gauge charts to ensure your dashboards and data visualizations show exactly what you need.

Improvements to Project Evaluations—We’ve made it easier to enter data for Project Evaluations and to duplicate Evaluations you’ve already built. Learn more about how you can put project evaluations to work in this article.

Milestone Customization Consistency—You can now customize the sub-milestone field label in Admin Options, just as you’ve always been able to customize the milestone label.

Big HTML Export? No Problem!—Previously, emails notifying users that HTML exports had generated did not include a link to reports above a certain size. Now all notification emails about generated HTML reports will include links, regardless of report size.

Reliable Reminders—Sending email reminders is now more reliable, and we’ve made it easy to copy yourself or others on any reminders you send. Read up on how you can use reminders and our other recently released features to automate your reporting here.

Revision History shows you more—Now you can track changes to update picklist fields and use these changes to trigger notifications.  Use this functionality to track a project’s approval status and notify others when elements are ready for review, or come up with your own take. No matter what approach you choose, your changes will be carefully logged in Revision History and ready for review.

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