June 2019 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

June 2019 Product Updates

Believe it or not, we already have more exciting features and enhancements to share with you since our June 15th 12.5 release.  Fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to take ClearPoint to the next level of awesome!

Charting Enhancements and New Features

This new release of ClearPoint includes many new ways to chart your Measure Data. Share your charts from ClearPoint directly on your public website or intranet site, plot trendlines, track performance status with plot bands, and much more!

  • Embed codes: Include live ClearPoint charts on your intranet or public websites by embedding a simple link. Any site that supports HTML can support a ClearPoint embed code. Check out our blog on embed codes here!

Here’s an example chart embedded right from ClearPoint into this article!! How cool is that?

  • Trendlines: Display linear, exponential, logarithmic, power, or polynomial regressions for your measure data.

  • Year-over-year charting: Include previous year data on your chart without going to the hassle of creating new Measure Data table series.
  • Change legend location: It is now super easy to adjust where your legend appears on the chart! One thing to note is this will override JSON legend placement by default. No need to worry though, this can always be disabled from the chart edit window, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!
  • Custom colors for transposed charts: We have provided much greater flexibility for customizing the colors of series on your transposed charts.
  • Plot Bands: Provide a clear visual of data performance directly onto your chart by including colored bands based on status.


All our different applications like to communicate with each other, and ClearPoint is ready to join the conversation!

  • Webhooks: ClearPoint can now be connected to other applications to trigger notifications or take certain actions. Reach out to [email protected] or read this blog (insert link to Jenna’s blog) to learn more about the power of webhooks.

Exporting Improvements

We want to help you look good in front of your peers with super-slick, good-looking exports. Check out some helpful improvements below.

Summary Reports

We’ve made a couple of tweaks so that you are getting exactly what you want from your summary reports!

  • Dashboard Large default: The Dashboard report that we all know and love will now be even easier to see with 3 charts to a row set as the default.

Edit Profile Window

Each profile is unique, and we want to make sure you have the tools to maintain yours (and your users’) accordingly!

  • Timezone toaster alert: You will now be alerted upon logging in if your set timezone does not match that of the computer you logged in from.
  • Admins can whitelist emails: If your users’ reach out about not receiving emails, Administrators now have the power to whitelist them from Users and Groups.

Element Management

What would your strategic plan be without its strategic elements? We’ve included some feature improvements to help you manage them!

  • Improved ‘Sort Options’: You can now successfully sort elements by Name, Owner, or Last Updated.

  • Easier ‘Manage [Element]’ page navigation: You will now be brought back to the top of the list when navigating to the next page.
  • Hiding completed items: If you select to hide completed items for a scorecard, they will not appear on detail pages, the ‘Manage [Element]’ page, or when searched in the search bar.

  • Better milestone duplication: The ‘Percent Complete’ field, as well as all other milestones fields, will now be successfully copied over upon duplication.
  • Inline editing: If you select to save your updates mid-way through a summary report, you can continue right where you left off – no need to scroll back down and find your place again!

We’re super excited about these updates, so reach out to [email protected] if you want to chat about it!