March 2019 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

March 2019 Product Updates

Here’s a breakdown of the recent enhancements and fixes coming to ClearPoint in March.

By Scorecard users with Scorecard Admin access to at least one place can now add schedules—Because Scorecard Admins have permission to add schedules related to the scorecards they administer, By Scorecard users with access to at least one place now have the ability to add schedules as well.

New guardrail to prevent unwanted deletions—Previously, it was possible to delete a reporting frequency that was assigned to a chart. Now, you will not be able to delete reporting frequencies assigned to charts without first changing the frequency of any assigned charts.

Calculated fields reflect selected data type—Whether the information you’re pulling into a calculated field is set to currency, percentage, or even a custom number format, this selected data type will now be reflected in calculated fields.

Series Value token can now pull in ‘Text’ values—Previously, the series value token in an HTML with Data field would not display values for series using the ‘Text’ data format. Now you can pull these ‘Text’ values in with ease.

Improvements to Master Measures—We’ve ensured that a dropdown of all Scorecards in your account will now appear when choosing to ‘Select Specific Scorecards’ while creating master measure aggregations. We’ve also improved the behavior of the ‘Select All’ button in menus such as master measures, where it was not behaving as expected.

Easily Update JSON in Master Measure charts—Now you can more easily modify charts set up with custom JSON, so you can change chart type, colors, and more to your exact specifications.

Filter by milestone custom fields—We introduced this feature for filtering on initiative summary reports after we heard how important it was for some of you!

Bulk editing milestones simplified—Previously, options to bulk change scorecard, reporting frequency, or hidden periods and to bulk copy forward appeared when bulk editing milestones even though these functions aren’t possible at the milestone level. We’ve removed them from the screen to make your options clearer moving forward.

Risk completed date shows on exports—Marking a risk as complete is reflected in the ‘Completed Date’ on the risk detail page; now it will be reflected in exports as well. You’ll also see start and end dates of risks display consistently across detail pages.

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