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ClearPoint Sync Care Package

Feature available for Enterprise Plan customers

ClearPoint Sync drastically simplifies the data flow between updated Excel documents and other data sources, such as ClearPoint. ClearPoint Sync allows users to keep information accurate, current, and clean, in a much easier way.

What is it?

ClearPoint Sync is an Excel add-in that allows for a simple way to push updates to ClearPoint. Users can export a summary report from ClearPoint to Excel, bring in the most up-to-date information from their ClearPoint account to their Excel file, and push updates from their Excel file to their ClearPoint account.

Why does it matter?

Implementing new software can be difficult and we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible with ClearPoint. Users who may not need to make changes directly in ClearPoint can easily make updates from Excel. This helps management continue to generate stunning reports for leadership without adding an extra layer of training new individuals in a software they may not be familiar with. Many organizations also struggle with siloed and scattered data across departments. ClearPoint Sync allows departments to consolidate information and have a consistent format to report on. With ClearPoint Sync, ClearPoint and Excel are aligned – saving time on reporting, aiding the collaboration process among teams, and keeping reports up to date and accurate.

How does it work?

Sync reports can be generated when exporting to Excel. The Excel report will look the same, but cells will be linked back to ClearPoint.


Data such as analysis and series status can be changed on the report and posted back to ClearPoint.  This will refresh the values in ClearPoint and in the report.


You can also refresh from Excel, which will bring any changes made in ClearPoint, back down to the Excel file keeping everything in sync!