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Community Dashboard FAQs

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about the Community Dashboard, the tool from ClearPoint which makes it easy to display information to citizens in a custom format.

What is a Community Dashboard?

A Community Dashboard is a custom-built public-facing (or intranet) website that leverages the WordPress platform to showcase your data from ClearPoint. More broadly, a Community Dashboard is an excellent way to tell a story with your data, whether to your employees or your citizens.

What are the benefits of a Community Dashboard?

A Community Dashboard demonstrates an awareness and transparency around your own progress, strengths and weaknesses. The custom format allows you to tell a story with your data in a format that is digestible and appealing to citizens, and can even give you a competitive edge as a forward-thinking city. The benefit of a ClearPoint Community Dashboard is that it pulls information directly from your ClearPoint account, so you don’t have to waste time and generate errors by duplicating your information.

How does data connect from ClearPoint?

We have built a ClearPoint WordPress Plugin that allows WordPress to connect with the ClearPoint API and display information using short codes called (unsurprisingly) shortcodes.

How is a dashboard different from HTML publishing?

While HTML publishing is a powerful way to showcase your ClearPoint information in a web format, you have more control over customization with a Community Dashboard. The dashboard is fully mobile responsive and allows you to customize the entire look and feel of your dashboard to match your city’s website.

How does my information get updated from ClearPoint?

Updating the dashboard takes just takes a few clicks in WordPress. The dashboard is not instantaneously updated after making changes in ClearPoint. This is an advantage in that it gives you the opportunity to review information internally before republishing.

Who hosts the dashboard?

ClearPoint will host the dashboard for a small annual fee. Hosting includes creating backups of the data, installing themes and plugins, and updating and testing the most recent versions of these themes and plugins (in addition to WordPress itself) to ensure no disruption to content.

What WordPress Themes can I use?

The Divi theme is currently the only theme that is fully compatible with the ClearPoint WordPress Plugin and ClearPoint Content Generator. Divi is one of the most popular themes by Elegant Themes, and it is really flexible.

What is the ClearPoint Content Generator?

The ClearPoint Content Generator is a Chrome extension that makes it easy to reference ClearPoint information in a format that can be read by WordPress. This is only relevant if you are building your own dashboard or planning to make your own annual updates to the information displayed.

How much does it cost?

Dashboard construction is priced per day. There is also an annual fee for maintenance and hosting. Contact us at sa[email protected] or 866-568-0590 for more information.

What is the process for getting started?

We start off by learning more about your needs and your design preferences. We first create and review prototypes in a static format. Once we have signoff on these prototypes, we mock up a live, clickable version of each page type in WordPress. Then, with signoff on these page mockups, we create templates and build out the rest of your dashboard.

Who needs to be involved on my team?

You’ll want to have approval on the dashboard designs from members of your leadership, your communications team, your board or council, and anyone else who has sway in the design of the site. If you are planning to build your own dashboard or make updates in WordPress, the individual leading these efforts should have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

Can I see some examples?

Of course! Check out some of our clients’ dashboards here.