Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) with ClearPoint | ClearPoint Strategy

Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) with ClearPoint

The Enterprise Plan comes with the option to configure Single Sign-On. For SSO, we partner with Ping Identity which has a full support center. ClearPoint will provide the customer with a PingOne account. From here, the customer IT team can obtain a SAML standard key and configure the connection with the desired active directory service, such as ADFS or Azure AD. For troubleshooting we recommend working directly with Ping support. If additional ClearPoint support is required, it will be for an additional fee based on the amount of time it takes to support the connection.

Feature available for Enterprise Plan customers

To get started with SSO configuration, the person who will be completing the configuration’s email address should be emailed to ClearPoint support.  This is typically someone on the IT team. ClearPoint support will create a Ping account for this person and they will receive a setup email.

Click the link in the setup email to create your account. Follow the configuration steps for your desired active directory in this help deck: CPS Single Sign On with Ping – 2021.

Once configured, users in ClearPoint can be enabled for ‘Require single sign on (SSO) authentication.’  This means they will not be able to access ClearPoint using a ClearPoint username and password.  The SSO link created during configuration will be the only option for accessing ClearPoint.