Contributing measures to the Measure Library | ClearPoint Strategy

Contributing measures to the Measure Library

As a member of the Measure Library, it is up to you to decide what measure data you are going to share with other member organizations and which custom groups you would like to share with.  Learn how to add your measures to the Measure Library here.

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

Click the Measures top menu dropdown and click on the name of the measure you would like to contribute. Click the edit Pencil icon for the measure. A new window will appear.

Click on the Peer-to-Peer Sharing tab on the left. At the top there will be an explanation of what Sharing with Groups means and further instruction for filling out the remaining fields.

Click the check box next to the Contribution Agreement, which is required to share your measures.

Click the check box next to each Group you would like to share the measure with. All of the groups that you are a member of will appear in this list.

From the Contact Name dropdown menu, you can specify who the contact for the measure will be. This should probably be one of the ClearPoint Admins or a department supervisor, but you have the ability to select any user in your ClearPoint account.

Lastly, you can provide a Measure Definition to give other member organizations a better sense of what you are tracking and where the data is coming from.

When you are ready to submit, click Save.

Your measure will now show up in the Measure Library and can be viewed by other member organizations! Note that any future updates to the measure’s data table, series, and charts in your account will also be automatically updated in the library.