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ClearPoint Data Loader Care Package

The ClearPoint Data Loader helps users avoid tedious manual data entry every month and saves teams a ton of time. Users can easily and automatically upload new scorecards into ClearPoint or update existing scorecards with the Data Loader.

What is it?

The ClearPoint Data Loader is a tool that allows users to upload their data to ClearPoint from Excel, CSV, or SQL databases. With the Data Loader, users can upload quantitative data, qualitative information (like ‘Analysis’ and ‘Recommendations’) and scorecard elements (like objectives, measures and initiatives) to their ClearPoint accounts. Users can schedule the Data Loader to pull data at specific time intervals. The Data Loader can also watch for changes in a defined file. When it finds new saved changes in the file, it automatically uploads those changes to the user’s ClearPoint account. Whether users are looking to set up a new scorecard or keep existing scorecards up to date with other systems, the ClearPoint Data Loader is the tool needed to get the job done.

Why does it matter?

Our users’ time is valuable, and we want to decrease the time it takes to get information into ClearPoint. The Data Loader is easy to use without technical knowledge and can upload many different file formats, increasing the options for integration. The file-watching abilities allow for real time updates. For current ClearPoint users, the Data Loader saves time by reducing repetitive tasks and the likelihood of errors in reports. For new users in ClearPoint, the Data Loader saves time when uploading existing data into the software – meaning they can hit the ground running with ClearPoint. This saved time for both current and new users ultimately means one thing: more time to focus on data analysis and decision-making.

How does it work?

The Data Loader is very flexible in dealing with different file structures.  Users can specify where in the file to pull from, where data begins, or what scorecard to map to by default.

Columns can be auto-mapped with the Data Loader and saves a ton of time. You can also choose to manually map spreadsheet columns to the desired element and field in your ClearPoint account.

In addition to manual and scheduled uploads, Data Loader 2.0 can be set to watch a directory or folder for changes. This means the Data Loader will upload as soon your file gets updated so everything is always up to date and in sync!

A preview of changes will show what updates will be made and any new elements that will be added.  Packages can be reused, so you only need to set up the mappings once.  It is also a great tool for one-time setup of new scorecards that have been designed in Excel.

Note: For more information about how to use the Data Loader and what features are available at each plan level, see our ClearPoint Data Loader article.