December 2020 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

December 2020 Product Updates

We have some exciting new features and updates to share with you as we wrap up the year and celebrate the end of 2020! Check out the notes below to get the scoop!

Link Explorer

Creating alignment between the elements of your strategic plan is one of the many perks of ClearPoint. However, linkages can get complex when they span across departments, between levels of your organizational hierarchy, or among different types of elements.

That’s where the new Link Explorer comes in!

  • See how elements are linked together across the account in a helpful and easily accessible visual format
  • Visualize the big picture strategy and track down the path of each link to identify cross-departmental connections
  • Quickly understand which elements are falling behind and narrow down pain points in your strategy

Calculation Diagrams

Imagine you are in a meeting, discussing your measures in ClearPoint, and someone asks, “How is this data calculated?” or “Where is this data coming from?”. No need to panic – Calculation Diagrams will save the day!

  • All the information you need regarding a calculation is now available with just a single click
  • Quickly visualize the context of a calculated series across multiple layers
  • View the status, value, and calculation of every series that impacts the original calculation

Notification Improvements

  • Bulk Add Elements – You can now bulk select elements across scorecards to be linked to your notification template
  • Quick Recipient Mapping – Once elements are linked, use the Quick Map Users feature to easily assign notifications to the owners, collaborators, or a custom user picklist for each element

  • My Notifications Update – The My Notifications page now shows you all the notification templates you personally have set up, and which elements are included in the notification

Integrations Library

We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some new additions to our Integrations Library located in our Support Center!

Other Important Updates & Bug Fixes

  • New Element Layouts – Previously, the layouts of new elements were dependent on when it was first viewed. Going forward, every element will receive a layout the moment it is added.
  • New Series Calculations – Newly created calculated series will refresh automatically to display the calculation. No more manual refreshes here!
  • Dashboard Reports in Data Grids – When paging through a dashboard report in a data grid custom field, chart and measure names will update. Previously, a caching issue required the user to refresh to see the correct names.
  • Reporting Workflows – On your My Updates page, you will now see the elements you are responsible for updating organized by workflow, rather than showing all elements you are responsible for all together.
  • Hiding Default Fields – If a default field, such as analysis, is set to ‘hidden’ in Admin Options, it will no longer be visible in detail layouts, summary reports, edit windows, etc.
  • Gantt Chart Statuses – Scorecard-specific period statuses were not displaying in Gantt charts. This has been fixed for more accurate status coloring.
  • Chart Refresh Preview – This now reflects changes to Chart Size so you can get a great idea of what your edited chart will look like on the detail page!
  • Internet Explorer 11 – Microsoft will end support of Internet Explorer 11 on August 17, 2021.  They recommend all IE 11 users migrate to Edge. Please note that ClearPoint will also stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 to keep up with Microsoft.