Editing vs. Updating | ClearPoint Strategy

Editing vs. Updating

Editing and updating are two important concepts that will help you understand how ClearPoint works. By taking a few minutes and reviewing these concepts, you will find it much easier to navigate and use ClearPoint.

In ClearPoint, there is a distinct difference between Editing and Updating.

Edits are consistent through time and include things like owner, description, or data source. You would expect those fields to be have the same values for January and July. On a detail page, edit fields do not have the period label you see on update fields. In an element’s edit window, you can make changes to any edit fields from the Edit Fields tab.

Updates change over time and include things like the status of the element, analysis, recommendations, or measure data. You would expect to provide a new value for every reporting period. On an element’s detail page, update fields are marked by the period in the upper right hand corner of the field.  You can make changes to update fields from the Update Fields tab of the element edit window.