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Embed Codes Care Package

Feature available for Enterprise Plan customers

Embed Codes allow users to easily share their ClearPoint charts publicly on any platform that supports HTML.

What is it?

Embed Codes provide HTML code for ClearPoint charts so users can use their ClearPoint charts on websites, intranet site, mobile kiosk platforms, or anywhere that supports HTML. When the Embed Code is used, the embedded chart is interactive and behaves similar to charts within the ClearPoint application. Embedded charts update and refresh themselves when data is added or changed in ClearPoint.

Why does it matter?

Communication and transparency with stakeholders are key to a healthy organization. ClearPoint’s Embed Codes help organizations and companies share their visual data with various audiences. The embedded charts automatically update themselves when ClearPoint is updated so users don’t have to worry about keeping their charts updated – they can trust that their chart always has the most recent data. With Embed Codes, users can place their ClearPoint charts into their existing sites. Charts will be interactive, up-to-date, and accurate – saving the user time, improving communications, and offering a clean look for their next website or PDF share.

How does it work?

Embed Codes can be enabled from the chart edit window.  Once enabled, the Embed Code HTML will be available for copying.


Embed Codes can be placed on your website, intranet site–anywhere that supports HTML–and refreshed with future data from ClearPoint.  Embed Codes can always be disabled from future publishing the same way it was enabled.  Admins can control all Embed Codes from Admin Options.