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Embedding maps and dashboards in ClearPoint

Embed interactive maps or dashboards directly into ClearPoint and display your interactive data without ever leaving the app.

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Copying the embed code

Map embed codes

Most mapping software applications make it easy to get embed codes that will allow you to share your maps. You can find instructions for accessing these embed codes by clicking on the links below.

Dashboard embed codes

Dashboard platforms, such as PowerBI and Tableau, make it easy to get embed codes that will allow you to share your dashboards.

  • PowerBI
    • Copy the <iframe> link.
  • Tableau
    • Use the instructions under “Specify the View URL.”

Embedding the link in ClearPoint

First, add an HTML custom field for your map or dashboard . Edit the layout of the page where you’d like to add your map or dashboard and add the HTML custom field. Double click to edit the custom field.  Click the <> symbol to open the HTML viewer. Paste in the embed code you copied from your mapping or dashboard software . Click the green check mark icon to save.

Your embed code should now be live!

Note: If you have trouble saving the HTML, you may need to check your Content Security settings in Admin Options and turn off Auto-Clean.

If you have other software with embed codes, they should work in a very similar way. Please reach out to our support team if you get stuck or have any questions. We’d love to see the maps or dashboards you are using in your reports!

Speaking of embed codes… you can also embed ClearPoint charts on your intranet or public-facing sites! Learn more here.