Enabling Integrated Logins | ClearPoint Strategy

Enabling Integrated Logins

An integrated login is a mapping from either an Office 365 (O365) or Google user profile to an existing user in ClearPoint. Once a user has successfully logged into Office 365 or Google on their browser, they can then connect to ClearPoint without providing an additional username or password.

Configuring Integrated Logins

To configure integrated logins, navigate to System Settings – Admin Options and click on Organization and Security. On the new window, click on the Security tab on the left navigation bar. Then scroll down to the Integrated Logins field and check off the boxes to allow logins from Office 365 or Google.

Logging in using Integrated Logins

To login using integrated logins, navigate to ClearPoint’s login page. You will see the option to login regularly with your username or password or log in with Office 365 and Google. Click on either the Office 365 or Google button, depending on which user profile your are logged into. In order the for the integrated login to work, your ClearPoint username email must match whichever Office 365 or Google email that you are currently logged into on your browser.