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Exporting measure data tables

Want to use and share the data from your measures outside of ClearPoint? No problem. Measure data tables can easily be exported to Excel, PDF, or HTML using the steps below.

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Exporting to Excel

On the measure detail page, click to open the Edit Measure dropdown menu.

Click on Export to Excel. To generate the file for ClearPoint Sync, check the box. Otherwise, click Generate.

When the export is complete, you can download the file. Alternatively, you will also be notified by the notification bell. Click on the bell icon to open the Alerts Inbox.

Click the download icon to download the file.

Exporting to PDF or HTML

Take a look at our articles on Exporting to PDF and HTML for step-by-step instructions. For exporting pages that include measure data tables specifically, size and format specifications are important. Depending on the page size and orientation for PDF and window width for HTML exports, after a certain number of series, the data table will ‘pivot’ and reorient to list the series vertically, only showing one period of data. Because of this, we have provided guidelines in the tables below to help you select the best option for the number of series in your data table.

PDF Exports:

HTML Exports:

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