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Getting Started Guide (for Updaters)

Welcome to ClearPoint! Follow this guide to watch our Getting Started video series and access related help articles. These resources will give you a solid foundation for understanding your responsibilities in ClearPoint as an Updater user.

Logging In & Managing Profile

The first step to using ClearPoint is to login! Any user with a username and password can login on ClearPoint’s login page. We recommend bookmarking this page so you can get to it easily when you need to log in to ClearPoint.

Navigating ClearPoint

Navigating ClearPoint is easy using the Control Panel and Top Navigation. Here’s a quick tour!

Managing Elements

There are a variety of element types that can live in a scorecard. In ClearPoint, our default element names are derived from the balanced scorecard methodology, which includes Objectives, Measures, Initiatives, Action Items, and Risks. Check out the video below for an overview of each element type and how to manage them.

Reporting Periods & Frequencies

Reporting periods are the chunks of time that your organization will use when reporting. For most organizations, these are months. This video will cover how to use reporting periods and frequencies in ClearPoint.

Element Detail Pages

Each element created in ClearPoint has a detail page associated with it. Once you are on the detail page, you can view key attributes and information specific to that element. Check out the video to learn how to access and manage element detail pages in ClearPoint. 

Making Your Updates

This video will walk through the different ways users can make updates to the strategic elements they are responsible for in ClearPoint.

Exporting Your Reports & Documents

Sharing your reports outside of ClearPoint is an important part of the reporting process! This video will cover the different ways to export reports from ClearPoint. 


You’ve completed the Getting Started Guide for Updaters! You are now well on your way to ClearPoint mastery. Check out the rest of our Support Center, including Product Updates and best practice Webinars to continue on your path to becoming a ClearPoint expert!