July 2021 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

July 2021 Product Updates

Check out our super awesome feature enhancements and other product updates below!

Reporting Frequencies for Summary Reports

One of our most highly-requested features is finally here – reporting frequencies for summary reports! So, what does this mean for your ClearPoint reports?? I’m glad you asked!

  • You can now use the Series Status field in summary reports (such as “heat map” or “matrix” reports) to display just the period included in quarterly, annual, or other custom reporting frequencies.
  • Reporting periods will take on the custom naming for the period of the reporting frequency selected!
    • For example: A quarterly report would display Q1-21, Q2-21 instead of Mar-21, Jun-21, etc.
  • Reporting frequency can also be set for other update fields such as Analysis and Recommendations.

Measure Series Enhancements

  • Easy ‘Add Series’ Shortcut – There is now an ‘Add Series’ button conveniently located at the top right of a Measure Data table when you double click on the field to make an edit or update!

  • Enabling Automatic Evaluation Options – All steps of setting and enabling an automatic series evaluation can now take place from the Series ‘Evaluation’ tab, thereby eliminating the extra step of enabling it for the measure or project overall.

  • Default Series and Project Evaluations — In addition to an easier evaluation setup at the individual element level, you can also define which series to use by default in new elements within default series and project evaluations in Admin Options.

Other Announcements, Improvements, & Bug Fixes

  • Data Loader 1.0 End of Support– On July 31, 2021 we will officially end support for the old version of the Data Loader (1.0).
  • Reset Password for New Users – For security purposes, all new users will automatically have the ‘Require the user to change password at the next login’ setting selected.
  • Calculated Completion – Previously called ‘Elapsed Percent Complete,’ the name for this field is now consistently referred to as ‘Calculated Completion’ across the system!
  • Reporting Workflow Schedules – There was previously an issue with schedules within duplicated workflows breaking, but it is now fixed!
  • Exporting Reports – If users exported a report without access to any elements within the report, the export would fail to generate properly. That issue was resolved so that the ‘No Access’ elements appear as such in the exported document.
  • Attachment Field Permissions – Users with Scorecard Admin or Editor permission to an element can now edit and remove attachments added by other users to that element. This change was to make the Attachments field more consistent with the Scorecard Admin and Editor permission logic.