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Managing completed elements

Initiatives, Milestones, and Action Items are the stages or phases in a project. Once they are done, users can mark them as complete in ClearPoint to show other users the project is progressing or finished.

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Marking elements as complete

Marking elements as complete in ClearPoint helps users track progress on important projects or initiatives. Users can mark Initiatives, Milestones, and Action Items as complete in ClearPoint. When you mark an element as complete, you can also track the completed date. There are multiple ways to mark these elements as complete in Clearpoint.

Marking complete from an Initiative detail page

From an initiative detail page, check the box to signify completion next to the appropriate milestone or action item. By default, today’s date will be entered as the Completed Date.

Note: When you mark an element as completed, all update fields will carry forward into future periods. Fields like Analysis, Percent Complete, and the element status are update fields.

Marking elements complete from the edit window

From the element detail page, click on the pencil icon. Go to the Edit Fields tab. Check the box next to Completed to signify completion and enter the date it was completed. By default, today’s date will be entered. Click Save when you are done.

Managing completed items

Click on Admin Options from under System Settings. Click on the Report Options tile. A new window will open. Navigate to the Completed Items tab. The first option is Strike through completed items, which displays a line through the text of elements marked complete.

The latter four options determine whether initiatives, milestones, action items, or risks can be marked complete from summary views. If these boxes are selected, you will see a check box next to all elements of this type on a summary report, as shown above. You can then check this box to mark each element complete. After making your selections, click Save. These changes will be reflected across all scorecards in the account.

Hiding completed items

Click on the Scorecards menu in the top navigation and select Manage Scorecards. Click the pencil icon next to the scorecard to edit it. Click on the Completed Items tab. Select the type(s) of element you would like to hide from summary reports in the scorecard. Once you select the element, a date field will appear. Elements that have been completed before the date you enter here will be hidden. In this example, all Initiatives completed before 1/1/20 will be hidden. Click Save.


Note: Now that you have selected to hide completed elements, they will no longer appear when searched in the search bar, under the Manage Element pages, in summary reports, or as links on other element detail pages.