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Managing measures

In this article, we will review the two ways to make changes to a measure. The first way, in the ‘Manage Measures’ section, works best for those who just added a new measure. Once added, measures can also be edited on their detail pages. Secondly, this article covers how you can make bulk edits to multiple measures.

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Editing a Measure from the ‘Manage Measures’ page

Click on the Measure dropdown menu in the top navigation. Select Manage Measures. A list of all the scorecard measures will appear. Scroll to find the appropriate measure, or use the Filter Bar at the top of the page to search. Click on the Pencil icon next to the measure.

The Update Fields tab deals with Updating a measure, or making changes that apply to that particular period. Below the Update Fields tab, click on the Edit Fields tab. In this tab, changes can be made to the measure that will stay the same regardless of what period the user is in. Examples of information that can be edited could be a measure name, reporting frequency, owner, or description. Changes to Series, Charts, or Links can also be made from their respective tabs. Click Save when finished.

Editing a Measure on a detail page

From the measure’s detail page, click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner. A new window will appear. Please see instructions above for descriptions of the tabs in this window. When finished making changes, click Save.

Bulk editing measures

Save time by bulk editing a measure instead of individually editing measures. Click on Measures in the Top Navigation, and select Manage Measures from the dropdown menu.

A list of the measures in the scorecard will appear. Select the measures to be changed by checking the box to the left of the measure name. To select all measures, check the box at the top of the page. Once the appropriate measures have been selected, click the edit menu in the upper right hand corner. Select Edit Multiple. A new window will appear.

The Measures to Update tab shows all of the measures you will be making changes to. In the Update Fields section, changes can be made to the measures that will be the same no matter what period the user is logged into. In the Edit Fields section, changes can be made for the particular period. To learn more about the difference between updating and editing, please see this article.

Select the fields you want to change from the Select Fields menu. Selected fields will appear below. Select the value you want to apply to each field here. When finished, click Save. Please note that these changes, once saved, will be reflected on all of the measures that were selected.