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Managing user groups

User groups allow you to assign granular rules and permissions to a set of users. User access groups can be used to create sets of access rules to specific elements.

Feature available for Enterprise Plan customers

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Adding and editing user groups

Creating a user group allows you to assign even more granular permissions than the By Scorecard user type. With user groups, you can set permissions as granular as restricting access by report or by detail page. User groups can be helpful if you know that there are a set of users that will always have the same permissions no matter what is added to your account. An example of when this could be useful is when you have a department or team that will all have the same permissions throughout the account.

From under System Settings, click on Users and Groups. Click the groups icon, and then the plus icon.  Enter a name for the group, and click on Add Access Rule. A new, smaller window will appear.

Select the appropriate scorecard and element type from the first two dropdown menus. Select an individual element or Select All from the ‘Element’ dropdown menu. Select the level of access to the element(s). Finally, click Save. Repeat adding an access rule for as many rules as necessary.

Note: Rules are read from top to bottom, so start with the broadest rules first and then end with the most granular rule.

In the Reports tab, select the Restricted Access summary reports this group will be able to access. For more information on setting reports as ‘Restricted Access’, please see this article: Setting access rules or visibility for a summary report.

In the Templates tab, select the Restricted Access briefing book templates this group will be able to access.

In the Scorecards tab, select which scorecards will be hidden from this group. If your organization has lots of scorecards, checking them off here may be a faster option than creating a ‘No Access’ rule for each.

In the Users tab, you will select users to assign to this group. You can also specify which groups a user should have access to by editing individual users.  For more information on assigning users to groups, please see the section below.

Click Save.

Assigning users to a user group

Click the users icon, then click the edit icon next to the user. From under User Type, click on Assign Group. Click on the Access Groups tab that appears. Check the box next to all access groups this user should be a part of. Finally, click Save.