March 2020 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

March 2020 Product Updates

Believe it or not, we have even more product updates to share following the ClearPoint 14.0 release! We’ve outlined all of the most exciting feature additions and enhancements below.


Search Capabilities

Does your account have multiple cascading scorecards, all with multiple elements and reports stored within them? Lucky for you, finding what you are looking for in ClearPoint just got even quicker and easier! With ClearPoint’s new search capabilities, you can now click on the magnifying glass icon to…

  • Search for elements by name, summary reports by name, or elements by owner/collaborator
  • View pages you’ve recently updated, edited, or viewed
  • Download pages and briefing books that you recently exported

Results are then sorted based on what you own or recently edited.  With all these awesome new search features, you may want to review our help article on Searching in ClearPoint for more details!

HTML Export Accessibility

Looking to share results with citizens or other key stakeholders, but need them to be in a user-friendly and accessible format? In our latest release, you can now elect to include our accessibility plug-in, AccessiBe, as part of your HTML reports to ensure they meet ADA Accessibility standards!

As a reminder, HTML reports allow users to compile information from multiple scorecards in ClearPoint, including element detail pages and summary reports, creating a hyperlinked HTML export. This can be a great alternative to PDF exports if you have an accessibility requirement. Check out our HTML Publishing  and ADA Accessibility help articles to learn more.

Data Loader Improvements

In addition to a few helpful interface changes, it is now possible for any user with updater permissions or above to download and use Data Loader 2.0 to make updates! Access to scorecards and elements will still be based on permissions set in ClearPoint, and only Admin users can add or edit elements using the Data Loader. If you are a non-Admin user using the Data Loader, your Admin can create an API key for you, which will then be available in your user profile.

Need a refresh on the new and improved version of the Data Loader? The Data Loader 2.0 care package and help article are good places to start!

User Interface Enhancements

Lastly, we’ve made some smaller updates to ClearPoint as we continue to make the tool as user-friendly and intuitive as possible!

  • Strategy Map – Element Names and Statuses are clickable, allowing you to drill down into the element detail pages.
  • Scorecard Tree – Larger accounts have searchable scorecard tree’s, which now include child scorecards in the results when the parent is searched!

  • Notification Templates – If you are a Scorecard Admin in any of your scorecards, you can edit and delete notification templates.
  • Reminder Emails – The ‘Recipient Preview’ section has been updated to more accurately display who will receive the email based on the set criteria.
  • Data Table Exporting – In both PDF and HTML exports, data tables now follow a more consistent rule for exporting based on the number of series and the page size or screen size being used.
  • Alignment Matrix Reports – There is now much more flexibility surrounding both the elements included in the report, as well as the scorecards or elements that are included as columns, to better show the overall alignment of elements!

  • ‘Text’ Data Type – Numerical information can now be entered in a series set to ‘Text’ data type. These series cannot be calculated but this should provide more flexibility to those tracking IDs or other element codes.
  • Locked Reporting Periods – Even if a reporting period is locked, you can still view all of the content in the fields when editing the element!
  • Status Indicators – You can now right click on an element’s status from a summary report to make quick edits.

  • Snapshots – The archiving process is much cleaner and better reflects the ClearPoint account at the point in time in which the snapshot was taken.
  • Revision History – Revision will now store 365 days worth of entries in the application.  This will help optimize performance and make searching within the data easier, especially for our older clients who have 1,000,000+ activities.  If you would like to see further back, no problem – just reach out to our team.

Have questions about these updates? Reach out to [email protected] for the answers!