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Measure Library Care Package

The ClearPoint Measure Library allows member organizations to view and automatically pull peer data into your account for calculations, charts, and benchmarking! It is also a great place for connecting with other ClearPoint users and can be organized into custom groups by request. Eager to get started? Check out the resources below for everything you need to know about using the Measure Library.

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

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Your Measure Library To-Do List

Our Peer-to-Peer Sharing article does a great job of explaining in detail the five action items to get you started. In short, you’ll want to…


What is the Local Government library?

The Local Government Library is the largest library within the ClearPoint Measure Library, comprised of over 25 organizations in the local government space, including cities, counties, and state agencies who have contributed over 900 measures thus far. This is currently the default library in which all local government organizations contribute measures to.

How do I form a Custom Group library?

Forming a Custom Group is simple! If you already know of other ClearPoint users that are of similar size, industry, or location, you can reach out to them to see if they would like to form a Custom Group. Once a group has been formed, you can reach out to our Support Team at [email protected], and we can create a Custom Group with just the select organizations indicated. This will allow you to share more pointed data with organizations that are tracking similar measures.

How can I connect with other ClearPoint clients in the Measure Library

There are numerous ways to connect with other ClearPoint clients in the measure library. To start, you can share your own measures and check out what others are tracking. When you discover data you are interested in or an organization that seems similar to yours, you can use the library to find the right point of contact for networking. You can even pull in their data to your account for live benchmarking. Through continued sharing and conversations with other members of the ClearPoint Community, you’ll inevitably learn best practices for high performance!


Check out our webinar on ClearPoint 12.5, featuring Peer-to-Peer Sharing in the Measure Library!

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