November 2021 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

November 2021 Product Updates

Our product team is back in action, working hard to make your data collection and strategy reporting even easier with user-friendly integration options and other exciting new features. Read on for all the juicy details!

Direct Connections [Beta]

Do you use a variety of systems at your organization to collect and manage different types of data? Do you want to save time, reduce errors, and avoid double data entry at all costs? Look no further! We are thrilled to present our easy-to-use, built-in Direct Connections feature to bring large sets of data from other systems into ClearPoint automatically! We already have several integration options available with…

  • Project Management
    • Connect project management applications such as Asana or to bring your strategic initiatives and milestones into ClearPoint!

  • Financial Data
    • Link budget to strategy by pulling in key financial data from QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Marketing Analytics
    • Integrate with tools such as Google Analytics or HubSpot to create custom visuals based on your website traffic.
    • Do you have a ClearPoint Community Dashboard?  The Google Analytics direct connection makes it easy to bring traffic data into your ClearPoint account to understand how the dashboard is performing!

  • And more coming soon!

Process Integrations

ClearPoint is now listed on Zapier! Users can integrate ClearPoint with thousands of other apps on Zapier without touching a single line of code, allowing you to automate your processes even further. Triggers and actions are available for Adding Objectives, Measures, and Initiatives.


Logging into ClearPoint is a seamless experience with our new Google and Office 365 authentication options. High security, low effort!

Additional New Features & Bug Fixes

  • Objective Score Field – You now can display the automatic objective evaluation score on objective detail pages and in summary reports!

  • Reporting Workflow Dashboard – ‘Hide Completed’ now hides completed tasks only. Users who have completed 100% of tasks will remain, but their completed tasks will be hidden from view.
  • Header & Footer Styles – Previously, duplicated briefing book templates did not carry over Header and Footer styles, but now they do!
  • Calculated Series Calculations – There was an issue with newly added Initiatives not being available to include in ‘Calculated Series’ calculations. This is resolved!