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Project Evaluations Care Package

Project Evaluations are a powerful tool that allow users to showcase strategic project data over time and easily determine the status of a project.

What is it?

Project Evaluations enable users to track data for project-based elements, such as initiatives, milestones, action items, and risks. Users can add series to their data table, such as budget and amount spent, a default chart, and calculated fields for use in summary reports. Automatic evaluations can be configured so that if the amount spent on a project is outpacing the project completion, the project manager will be notified. Users must check a box to enable Project Evaluations and then will be able to include data tables and charts for their project-based elements. Projects can be grouped by Tags so that users can make changes to multiple projects at once.

Why does it matter?

Strategic projects are key to strategic management, and we want to empower our users with the best tools to track their key projects. The interface is simple and easy to use, so users can easily track their strategic project budgets, percent complete, and other quantitative aspects of a project on its detail page. With these features, users can track their strategic projects like they do their strategic plan and help ensure their projects are a success.

How does it work?

Project Evaluations are enabled for the entire account from Admin Options.  Before enabling, default series should be added.  This will apply these series to all elements being enabled.  You can also choose to specify the default chart.


Data tables and charts can be added to layouts and used for more advanced project management in ClearPoint.