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Using quick filter and sort options on summary reports

Users can filter and sort summary reports to narrow in on specific key words or see elements displayed in a certain order.

Filtering and sorting summary reports can be a great way to focus in on certain information. This article demonstrates how to use the features found when clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top of a summary report. The instructions are the same for objective, measure, initiative, and action item summary reports.

On a summary report page, click the magnifying glass icon in the top left corner. You can search for key words in the report. Rows that include the search criteria will be filtered out and the specific cells with the contents will be highlighted in yellow.


Click the column header to sort the report by any of the columns that have been pulled out. The up and down arrows that appear in the header indicate if the sort is ascending or descending. Click once for descending, twice for ascending, and three times to return to the default sort order.  Please note that reports can only be sorted by fields of the element type that the report is grouped by. Also, elements in the same scorecard will not be broken apart when sorting.  All rows in the same scorecard will remain grouped together and sorted among themselves.

Note: Any searches or column sorting will not hold when exporting or sharing a report with other users. These are temporary filters and sort orders. You can edit reports to add filters and custom sort orders that will hold in exports.

Click on the dropdown menu at the bottom of the report to choose how many rows you would like to display per page.