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Reporting Workflows Care Package

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

Reporting Workflows streamline the data update process and provide greater visibility into progress so that reports will be ready to go for your big meeting! Updates are easier than ever with the new My Updates view!!

What is it?

Reporting Workflows make the data update process easier for both end-users and account admins. For end-users, it provides them a simple view for data entry called ‘My Updates’. Everything they are responsible for updating is located on one page, meaning minimal navigation for users. The pie chart and completed tasks marker provides the end user with a sense of accomplishment, as they complete their updates. When the user reaches 100% complete on a workflow, they are greeted with celebration confetti for a job well done!

For the admin user, Reporting Workflows simplifies the data collection process in a big way, eliminating the risk of missing data or updates falling through the cracks before an important meeting. Within a workflow, admins can define the reporting period to update, when it needs to be updated, and by whom. Customized workflow emails can then be scheduled and sent to responsible users, providing them with a list of everything they are responsible for and a direct link to their ‘My Updates’ view. Once tasks have been assigned, the Workflow Dashboard gives admins visibility into the percentage of tasks complete and who still has outstanding tasks. Admins can also send one-off emails to those who need an extra push to get things done.

Why does it matter?

Reporting Workflows refocuses your time. With Reporting Workflows, you spend less time chasing down data and more time focusing on activities that deliver breakthrough results at your organization. The ‘My Updates’ view promotes accountability of end users and celebrates their hard work when all of their tasks are complete. Meanwhile, the Workflow Dashboard gives admins insight into the update process and peace of mind as they prepare to share reports with leadership at important meetings. Often thought of as a chaotic process, the update process now runs seamlessly with Reporting Workflows.

ClearPoint is designed to help our clients easily collect and present data to facilitate thoughtful, data-driven decision-making, and Reporting Workflows is now an integral part of that process.

How does it work?

Reporting Workflows are created by Admin or Scorecard Admin users under ‘Automation’ in the left panel menu. Once the reporting period, start and end date, users responsible, and scorecards are assigned, Workflow Emails can be sent out to notify users that they have tasks to complete.

Clicking on the screen icon takes you to the Workflow Dashboard, where admins can see who has completed their updates and send one-off, follow-up reminders as necessary.

End users can access the My Updates page from ‘My ClearPoint’ in the left panel menu. From this view, users can make updates to elements they are responsible for and mark them as complete. Once all tasks are complete, they will be celebrated for their hard work!