Creating and sending email reminders | ClearPoint Strategy

Creating and sending email reminders

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

Email reminders allow you to send reminders to users to update their data. Each element owner included will receive one email listing only the elements they own from the selection. Email reminders can be sent manually or scheduled to send automatically.

Creating a new email reminder

Click on ‘Reminders’ from under ‘Automation’.

Click the Plus icon. On the ‘Message’ tab, enter a name and email subject line for the reminder.

When customizing the ‘Message’ text, make sure to leave {FirstName}, {ReportingPeriod}, and {ItemList} intact. These codes will pull in the relevant information (first name, reporting period, and included elements) for each user receiving the email.  You can also use {fullName} or {lastName} as tokens in the reminder template.

Recipients can be element owners, element collaborators, or members of a custom User Picklist. For more information on creating custom fields, see this article: Creating and using custom fields

The ‘Scorecards’, ‘Status’, ‘Elements’, ‘Owners’, and ‘Dates’ tabs can be used to filter the elements included. For any tab where no values are selected, all elements will be included regardless of that property (e.g., elements from all scorecards or elements owned by all users).

On the ‘Recipient Preview’ tab, preview all users who will be sent a reminder, along with which elements will be included. When finished, click ‘Save’.

Sending an email reminder

Click the Send icon next to the reminder.

Select the period that will be specified in the text of the reminder. Click ‘Send’. Your email will be sent immediately to the selected recipients. The sent email reminder will be logged in revision history.

Scheduling an email reminder

To learn how to schedule a email reminder, check out Managing Schedules for further instruction.