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Setting user permissions for a scorecard

In ClearPoint, administrators can allow different users to see (or not see) each scorecard in the account. For any new scorecard you create, you will need to determine whether each user has access. This article shows you how to do this from Users and Groups and Manage Scorecards.

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Users and Groups

From under System Settings, click on Users and Groups.

Click the pencil icon next to a user. A new window will open. Under User Type, make sure that the user type is correct. For more information, please see this article: Explaining the types of users in ClearPoint

Click on the Scorecards and Home tab. For Browsers, Updaters, Editors, Scorecard Admins, and Administrators: check the boxes next to the scorecards to which the user should have access. By default, users will not have access to the new scorecard. For By Scorecard users: select the appropriate permission level from the dropdown menu next to each scorecard. When finished, click Save.

Manage Scorecards

From the Scorecards dropdown in the top navigation, click on Manage Scorecards.

Click the pencil icon next to the scorecard you want to edit the permissions for.  Click into the User Access tab. Check the box to enable a user to have access to the scorecard. Users will be sorted by what permissions they have. If a user is By Scorecard, once the box has been checked to enable access, you can choose what access they should have in the dropdown that appears. Once you have the scorecard permissions set, click Save.