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Tagging Care Package

Users can easily stay organized by grouping objects together in ClearPoint through Tagging.

What is it?

Tagging provides the opportunity for users to group objects together in ClearPoint. Similar to how users might group objects with a picklist custom field, Tagging in ClearPoint allows users to customize tag names and colors, and apply these tags across multiple elements including scorecards, objectives, measures, initiatives, milestones, action items, risks, series, or charts.

Why does it matter?

Organization is key in reporting and Tagging is an important way of staying organized and grouping together like elements within ClearPoint. Simply tag elements – like strategic measures, for example – in any scorecard so that they are quickly identifiable for running reports, sending reminders, or making mass changes within the Bulk Changes feature. Tagging elements within ClearPoint not only makes grouped elements easy to identify, it also makes cross-departmental alignment on initiatives or projects easy to see. Tagging can assist in bulk changes and template scripting as well, giving users a quick way to filter for all elements they want to change at once.

How does it work?

Admins in Enterprise accounts can create tags in System Settings. Tag color can be specified when adding or editing tags.


Tags can be applied to objects by simply filtering and selecting. Tags can also be applied in bulk or from the individual element.


Filters in Summary Reports or Bulk Changes can use tags to narrow down the results.