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Revision History

ClearPoint keeps a log of all changes made to your account, called ‘Revision History’. Some changes can also be undone with the ‘Undo Change’ button. This article walks you through how to find revision history and make changes.

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Accessing Revision History

Administrators can view Revision History for the entire account. Revision History stores 365 days worth of entries in the application. If you need to see further back in Revision History, please reach out to our support team.

To access Revision History, open System Settings in the control panel and click on Revision History. If you are an administrator, you can see Revision History for the entire account. Revision History keeps a log of all changes made to your account.

In Revision History, click on the excel export icon in the top right corner to export the last 10,000 logs.

All other users can click on the clock icon at the bottom of the screen to open their personal Revision History. This will show users a log of their changes.

Filtering Revision History

In Revision History, administrators can search and filter for changes. Click on the down arrow next to Search Revision History to expand the filtering options. Using the dropdown menus, you can filter by scorecard, element, user, period, or activity using these drop down boxes.

Note: The filters set in ClearPoint will hold in the Excel export.

Undo Button

There are several changes in ClearPoint that can be undone. From any Revision History menu, click on an entry (row) to see further details. Listed in the window are any fields that were changed, along with the Before Save and After Save values.

If the change can be undone, there will be an Undo Change button. To revert back to the Before Save value, click Undo Change. Click Apply to confirm the undo change..

Changes captured in Revision History

This table shows everything that is captured in Revision History:


Logged in ‘Revision History’
x Logged in ‘Revision History’ AND can be undone
Not logged in ‘Revision History’


Added Edited Updated Duplicated Deleted Undeleted Exported Evaluated Completed Login Sent Received Queued
Scorecard x  x
Scorecard Summary Report
Map  x x
Objective x  x x
Objective Summary Report  x
Measure  x x x x
Measure Summary Report  x
Chart x x
Series x x  x
Initiative x x x
Initiative Summary Report x
Milestone x x x
Action Item x x x
Action Item Summary Report  x
Risk  x x x
Risk Summary Report x
User x
Access Group x
Reporting Period x
Reporting Frequency x
Fiscal Year x
Briefing Book
HTML Export
Uploaded File
Custom Chart x
Custom Field x
Default Series
Data Loader Package
Status Indicators x
Pod Style x
Table Style x