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Uploading SQL files with the Data Loader

Users can upload SQL files to ClearPoint using the Data Loader. This article walks through creating a SQL Connection with the Data Loader, uploading a query file, and importing your data to ClearPoint.

The ClearPoint Data Loader is a tool that allows users to upload their data to ClearPoint from Excel, CSV, or SQL databases. This video details how do upload data from SQL databases via the Data Loader.

Creating a SQL Connection

To connect with a SQL server, click Add Connection on the Data Loader. In the window that pops up, you can name this connection, add information about the database, where it is hosted, the SQL dialect, and authentication user and password. If you’re connecting to Microsoft SQL Server, you may select to authenticate using your Windows credentials.

Click on Connect to test the connection.

Mapping a SQL file

To start mapping your SQL queries, you must first set the Data Loader to watch the directory where the SQL files are saved.

Click on Add Mappings for the query you want to map. Select the Database Connection from the dropdown menu and click on Connect.

Once the connection is established, the other tabs should load on the left. Click on Map Columns. Check the box to Include your SQL file in the import.

From here, the mapping process is the same as an Excel or CSV files. For more detailed instructions on mapping files in the Data Loader, please see Data Loader 2.0.