Using fiscal years in ClearPoint | ClearPoint Strategy

Using fiscal years in ClearPoint

Fiscal years can be used in ClearPoint for reporting frequencies, Fiscal Year-To-Date calculations, summary report views, and chart periods.

To use fiscal reporting frequencies, calculations, and chart periods, you will first need to define your organization’s fiscal calendar in ClearPoint.

Open System Settings in the control panel and click Reporting Periods.

From this page, click the manage fiscal years icon or the blue calendar icon to the right. This will bring you to the Manage Fiscal Years page.

Click the plus icon to define a new fiscal year.

Enter a name for the fiscal year (e.g., ‘FY 2021’). Enter the Start Date and End Date. Click Save.

Note that fiscal years cannot overlap in ClearPoint. This is important to ensure calculations roll up properly.

You can now use any option involving fiscal years in ClearPoint, such as Fiscal YTD series calculations and displaying Fiscal YTD periods in a chart or summary report.