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‘My Updates,” ‘My Favorites,’ ‘My Scorecard,’ and ‘My Notifications’ are powerful features in ClearPoint. These tools allow you to view elements you are responsible for updating, sections of the tool you visit frequently, everything you are an “owner” of, and custom notifications you create all in one place. These lists can be accessed by clicking on ‘My ClearPoint’ in the Control Panel.

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My Updates

My Updates is a simple view for user data entry. Everything users are responsible for updating is located on this one page in ClearPoint. This My Updates view is created by ClearPoint Administrators using Reporting Workflows.

To access My Updates, click on My ClearPoint in the control panel. Then click My Updates.

From here, you can update the elements you are responsible for. To find out more about how to use My Updates, click here.

My Favorites

My Favorites allows you to access all your favorite pages in ClearPoint. Users can favorite reports or detail pages, which can then be accessed quickly from this page. To view your favorite pages, click on My Favorites.

The My Favorites page will appear in list view, organized by scorecard. From My Favorites, you can navigate to element detail pages by clicking on the element name. You can also edit an element by clicking on the pencil icon.

If you would like to be alerted when your favorite elements have been edited or updated, click the box next to Notify on Changes.

My Scorecard

My Scorecard shows you all the elements you are marked as the owner or collaborator of in ClearPoint. This page can be useful to see how the elements you are responsible for are performing. To view your elements, click on My Scorecard.

Navigation and usage follow the same instructions outlined for My Favorites in the section above.

My Notifications

My Notifications shows you the elements that you have set any type of notification on, organized by notification template. To view those elements, click on My Notifications.

Navigation and usage follows the same instructions outlined for My Favorites in the section above.