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Webhooks Care Package

Webhooks allows users to send information from ClearPoint to other applications in order to share information or take action.

Feature available for Enterprise Plan customers

What is it?

Webhooks allow ClearPoint users to integrate their account with other applications. Through Webhooks, users can automatically send out information after certain actions are taken within ClearPoint. For example – users can set up Webhooks to create a new task in their to-do list application whenever a new action item is assigned to them or to send a reminder message on Slack to generate a report. Through Webhooks, users can automate the sending of information outside of ClearPoint and establish a connection between two applications.

Why does it matter?

Every organization has their own software tools that they use for different processes. We want to make sure ClearPoint never gets in the way of the processes already in place, but rather, enhances and simplifies them. With Webhooks, users can use ClearPoint alongside other important and highly used applications within their organization. This not only prevents dual data entry in other systems, but also helps keep a better track of activity within ClearPoint. Users can easily integrate ClearPoint with their other favorite applications to make their day and process smoother.

How does it work?

Webhooks are added from their menu in Admin Options.  Webhooks can fire based on changes in specific scorecards or from a custom notification that has been set up.


In a tool like Zapier or Microsoft Flow, you are able to choose which app to connect to.  In this example, the Zapier webhook tool is connected to Asana, a task management app.


Now, whenever an Action Item is added in ClearPoint, the webhook fires to the URL provided and in turn, adds a task to my project in Asana.