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Year-over-year charting

You can now chart last year’s data and compare it to the current period without going through the trouble of creating a new series! Learn how to simplify your data table and still leverage year-over-year charting by following the instructions below.

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

You can add year-over-year series to your chart to compare last year’s data to the current period. You can do this by adding a series to the chart, rather than the data table. From the measure detail page, double click on your chart to open the chart editor window.

Click on the Chart Series tab.

Click on the plus icon to add a new chart series for the previous year data.

Note: Adding this chart series will NOT add a new series to your Measure Data table.

In the Measure Series dropdown, select the series you would like the previous year series to be based on. In the Label field, give the series a name, such as ‘Previous Year.’ Under Series Option, select Shape and other visual criteria for the series. Be sure to indicate the color of the series by clicking on the color picker or typing in the hex code. Under Advanced Options, select Plot periods before or after reporting period from the dropdown menu. For Period Offset you should type in ‘-12’ if you are creating a year-over-year chart. This will allow the new series to display the data from the previous year (12 months back) in the chart. When you are done setting up the series criteria, click Save.

Note: There are many other use cases of the Period Offset feature! For example, if you would like to compare quarterly values you could set this up in the same way, except indicate -3 for the Period Offset.

You will now see the new chart series included in the list, with a yellow Offset label. Click Refresh Preview to make sure your chart looks how you would like it to.

When you are happy with your year-over-year chart, click Save.

Now your chart displays the previous year data next to the current year data, without having to create a new series in the Measure Data table!